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Today I went to see Star Trek on a very rare date with my husband, and then went to my Dad's house to clean up for him. Simple as it may be, I find myself wanting to avoid the situation as after my Mother died in December, her belongings are still scattered about the house; stark reminders of what I've been avoiding. I tend to fill my life with busy-ness so I won't focus on her death. She died at the hospital when no one was around. She we didn't get the tearful goodbye, we didn't get to kiss her on the cheek and usher her on into the afterlife. She was on a respirator and we were called to be told, "She won't be here when you come." We came, she was gone. It was (and is) devastating, infuriating, and hopeless all in one.

I find myself rushing to finish these tasks at my father's house when I'm there because I don't want to relive the frustration that surrounds me.

However, today, I found myself going through a few of her jewelry boxes as my husband installed a printer for my Dad. My Mom was an avid fan of anything sparkly and shiny and kept most of her trinkets through out her life.

I remember looking through these things when I was younger; playing dress up with gaudy costume pieces, and being shooed out of the more precious ones ... such as her charm bracelet that holds mostly bell south commemorative charms, (my father retired from bell south, ) my sister's silhouette charm, and so forth. All of them have a story. I should have listened closer.

I found her class ring today. I put it on. Cried some, obviously. My finger rebelled for a bit under the newness of the metal that held it down but now it feels more at home. I think I wear it a while.

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