That new car smell.  

Posted by Elysabeth Williams

You step in and it infiltrates your senses. Your eyes dialate and your skin tingles. New carpet, new plastic, maybe leather, ooh is that a sunroof? And that most indistinguishable thing over all... The new car smell. It's almost intoxicating. My husband usually refuses to stick his head into a new car for fear the smell will overtake him and he'll spend 6 hours in a dingy cubical with some guy named Ted trying to "get-me-inna-car-raht-naw!"

That smell follows you around for months after the sale. It comes complete with the excitement of the biggest new toy you've found to date. You're totally overwhelmed and inundated with the new flashy things that come to life whenever you get inside. You feel like you want to tell everyone about it and they're simply sick to death of your new car already.

Then *it* happens ... Someone spills something in there and suddenly the smell dissipates like a ghost in the night. You're left with the shock of a new (and more than likely larger) payment for the next 60 months (ugh!) and this new sticky mess to get out of your brand new interior.

Such is my life as a writer and a new project. I have so much in my head at once its coming so fast that I didn't have time to even sit in the dingy cubical office with Ted to figure out all the fine print. I've driven away in this brand new work in progress and I don't know where the brakes are. I didn't test drive it.

I'm still in 'new car smell' mode; so I'm a little dissoriented with this story playing out in my head, and for which I'm happy. I really dig the beginning of a new story. New characters tied in with the old ones (the trade in,) and improved ways of doing things (upgrades.) I'm overwhelmed with the new and shiny.
Just holding out that someone doesn't spill anything in here for a while. Or dings me in the parking lot.

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Aloha Elysabeth, back to read from #writechat today as promised!

It really is a great metaphor and you have described it so well.

Good to meet you today, and sending good vibes so you can remain in 'new car smell' mode - no spills, no dings!

August 31, 2009 at 2:32 AM

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