When the past becomes present.  

Posted by Elysabeth Williams

What do you do when the past becomes present?

When it knocks on your door uninvited, while you're half dressed; when the cat litter stinks a little too high and you're floors are a mess? Do you invite it inside for a cup of java or shut the door with an "I'm not interested, thank you?" Do you hide behind the curtain and wait for it to leave, hoping it doesn't see you lurking in the shadow?

Today, the past was present at my house. After a long, hard and painful day it showed up on my doorstep. I tentatively opened the door and held my hand over the door knob, waiting to grasp it and slam the door shut in the face of the past if need be. It wasn't needed though.

The past managed to bring flowers and say it was sorry. I opened the door a tad more and accepted the flowers, hopefully graciously, and thanked it for coming.

It wasn't completely unpleasant.. still very surprising...

yet...still... I'd prefer it if you call before you come over.

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