Nail Polish and Awesome Sauce  

Posted by Elysabeth Williams

I was tweeting with @christinerose (author of Rowan of the Wood ) about the brand "Claw Polish" earlier today and thought to google the company who makes it to see what I could dig up. They are from a company called "Fright Nights" that you usually find only around Halloween in drug stores/Hellmart.

Last year I waited and stocked up on black and purple nail polishes because they were around 75 cents per bottle on clearance. And by far, they have some really good coverage and the stuff dries QUICK. I mean, lightening fast in terms of polish. I have two little kids and I just don't have time to sit and blow on nails anymore.

I did find a small (yet cute) website for the company but they only had hair dying tips and false eyelashes listed. So, I sent an email from their contact info to the company asking if they were going to sell the polish around Halloween. Assuming I would just receive a generic response in a few days that said yes or no, I was very surprised when I came back to check my email a few minutes later.

I received this response in record time:

Dear Beth,
Thanks so much for your inquiry. We will be shipping Claw Polish again,
however we have limited distribution this year. Because of the
mass-appeal that Wet n Wild has, retailers choose to carry their polish

It's always nice to hear when someone loves your product, so send me
your address and I will send you out a couple of bottles of polish. I
don't know if you happened to also pick up our VooDoo (red glitter) top
coat, but it looks awesome over the black... I'll throw in a bottle of
that to just to try out.

Have a great day!

Awesome Sauce.
Sad they have to limit distribution due to Wet n' Wild, but I'll take my freebies.

What great customer service. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for them later on in the season.

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Wow, can I email them now? All we get around here is wet n wild. Which their black is ok, but it gets thick and goopy pretty quick. :/

July 14, 2009 at 2:06 PM

I bet they would appreciate the feedback. They obviously like knowing their product is better than the competition.

July 14, 2009 at 2:21 PM

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