New Music, New Muse  

Posted by Elysabeth Williams

On the review front, I just received Crystal Method's latest release, "Divided By Night" and Marylin Manson's "The High End of Low." Can't wait to give a good listen and review. Stay tuned for links on my feelings on both.

Earlier this week I was minding my own business, listening to the new Julian Plenti release "Julian Plenti is... skyscraper" (which by the way, Julian Plenti is..... sofarkinghot) when my thoughts were interrupted by some hipster guy standing on a corner, somewhere in NYC. He was smoking a cigarette and brooding. He's old but doesn't look old. He was shaggy haired and Chuck Taylor wearing. Skinny pants... you know the type.

He was demanding all my damn attention and I have no idea why. He's still in my head, lurking in the shadows. He's apparently got fangs and goes by Patrick. He was born around 1925 and changed during the second World War. I have no clue why he wants to hang out in a bar, smoke, and chase after female band members while drinking loads of beer either.

I wish he would get it out already so I can get on with my life. Perhaps a short story is in order, simply because I told myself I wouldn't write about vamps. They're really not my taste. They're really inundated right now. A very close friend has been also been writing about them since probably 1980... I don't want to appear to be following a trend... But this one guy... I really wish he would either spit it out or get lost.

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