Girls, they wanna have fun.  

Posted by Elysabeth Williams

Hey, just thought I would throw up another excerpt from the work in progress. Hope you enjoy.

Barty returned with a curved metal bar in one hand and a glass tumbler full of whiskey in the other. He handed both to Jillian. “Is there anything else I can be of service?”
    “Not yet, Barty. Though we may need help getting this thing open, so stay close. I also may need another one of these,” she held up the glass.
    “Very well,” Barty said as returned to the kitchen. Jillian downed the whiskey with a shudder while the other ladies snickered. She put the tumbler down on the small side table and fanned herself with the newly added heat from the liquor. The three ladies gathered around the giant wooden crate and stared.
    “What do you suppose it is?” Jillian asked as she wedged the bar into the first set of slats.
    “I have not a clue, Jilly,” Eliza said, pulling on the slat with her hands to help. With a crack the board set free and they peeked inside.
    “What, in the name of all that is holy, is that?” Miriam whispered.
    “I have no clue, friend. Let us pry faster.” Jillian dug into another slat and pulled it free. Then another, and another and another. After the first side of the crate was opened, all three women stood with their mouths agape, looking at the spherical hunk of brass inside. Eliza peered in and poked a red button on the top. It fizzled and whirred to life. Two copper spring legs popped out of the bottom and the force of the push broke the top of the crate. Wood flew everywhere as the ladies backed away from falling splinters. The top of the sphere clicked and a circular section arose and spun around, revealing red glowing lights, in the shape of eyes. Other brightly colored lights began to blink along the sides, illuminating various buttons. They continued to back up as the sphere walked out into the middle of the parlor and stood. With a hiss, the legs disappeared into the body and it fell to the ground. All the lights shut off and again it was nothing more than a five foot tall brass ball in the middle of the parlor.
    “Barty, I think we are all going to need another drink in here,” Jillian called over her shoulder.
    “Yes, Madam,” he replied in an  unsurprised, monotone voice.
    They all three stood in front of the thing and stared at each other. Eliza walked to the mystery and turned to her friends. “What exactly did the Colonel think we could do with this?”

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I can't wait to read this in full, man. This is great stuff!

November 10, 2009 at 8:34 PM

You have to **Have To** let me read the whole thing. Thank you. :D

November 15, 2009 at 11:38 PM

I'll see what I can do :X

November 15, 2009 at 11:40 PM

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