Has it only been Four Days?  

Posted by Elysabeth Williams

Seriously? Have I only been writing this NaNo mess for Four Days? I have fortyonethousandninehundredandfiftyeight words left to write.
Holy. Fargin. Shite.
That's a ton of words.
I'm averaging a day ahead, but I feel like warmed over ass and still have at least 1,600 words to go for today. I'm hoping I can keep up this pace.
In the meantime, I've had a lot of fun hammering out these characters and their motives. I did switch back to the Victorian era idea since I had already done a little research. The story is flowing pretty easily when I do have the time and attention span to - LOOK A KITTY :: scampers off::

Someone fit me for one of these. I may need it next week.Or later this afternoon.

I'll leave you with a tidbit from the monstrosity. Have a great week.

Excerpt: The Electrifying Exploits of the English Three
At Silas Willoughby's house, Jillian excused herself from behind the piano and took her handbag to the bathroom. A tiny tinkling chime emitted from her purse and she opened it to pull out an ear piece identical to Eliza's. She clipped it to her ear, twisted the screw, waiting for the cogs to spin.
“Hello, Eliza?” she spoke quietly into the golden stem.
“Yes, Jillian. I cannot talk long. I received the missive from Colonel Cuthbert.” Her voice was static ridden through the device, but Jillian could make out what she was saying.
“Cuthbert? What does he want this time?”
“He hasn't given me many details, but there is a Countess Millicent Wilmont who needs attending to. I could not wait to get out of Silas' house to call.”
“Millicent Wilmont? The crazed old bat who tried to burn down parliament because it smelled like day old fish?” Jillian listened as Eliza laughed.
“Yes, one and the same. She has decided to take it upon herself to rid us of the new Tower Bridge.”
“Well, why ever for?”
“That, I am afraid I do not know, dear friend. I will have to find out from Col. Cuthbert.”
“This should be a fun task.”
“How is the rest of the dinner party?”
“Dreadful. Devin Dashing has finished his newspaper and has been staring at me for the past quarter hour as if I am but a scone to be eaten. Silas keeps going back into this office and returning, most annoyed. Where did you find the missive this time?”
“In his office.”
“Naturally! That's why he's annoyed. He probably thinks you stole something.”
“Oh, posh. He has nothing in there to steal.”
“Only his virtue,” Jillian quipped with a snickering smile. She listened as Eliza laughed again.
“I should turn this thing off before my driver thinks I've gone mad.”
“Shall I come tomorrow morning to discuss the details?”
“Yes, do. Send word to Miriam as well. We shall meet around noon.”
“Noon? Why so late?”
Eliza cleared her throat. “I have a prior engagement.”
“Oh, do tell. Has the Mr. von Wilstrom returned, then?”
“Jillian, please. He shan't grace my doorstep again. I only await the powers that be to grace a divorce to me so that I can be done with him.”
“Eliza, really? You think he would really divorce you? Whatever would people say?”
“I do not care what they say. I figure, after the next assignment the Colonel puts us through, I shall have enough income to support myself. Perhaps I'll go overseas.”
“You cannot leave me!”
Someone knocked on the door to the restroom and Jillian dropped her voice. “I have to go, someone is here. I shall see you at noon.” She took the ear piece out and tucked it back into her handbag, the little device's cogs slowly spinning to a halt.
“Ms. Johnsworth, are you all right?” She heard Mr. Dashing on the other side of the door.
“Quite. I was just over heated from the parlor. I needed to refresh myself.” She stepped out to come face to chest to the man. He took a step backwards, allowing her to exit.
“My apologies. I did not mean to intrude on your privacy.”
“No bother. I was just about to call for my carriage.”
“Do you have an escort this evening?”
“Why of course, I always do.” Her tone was defensive. Devin Dashing bowed again and allowed her to pass. As she walked back into the the main foyer to summon her traveling maid, Mr. Dashing peeked into the bathroom to see if there was someone else in there with her. He frowned as he found no one and returned to the parlor.

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I feel like I'm missing something...what is this whole NaNo thing?

November 4, 2009 at 10:38 PM

OH! It's NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. Push yourself to write a completed 50k word book in 30 days of November.

November 4, 2009 at 10:43 PM

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