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How about an excerpt? I'm feeling bold.

from the Electrifying Exploits of the English Three:

Devin flipped the lid of the little velvet box closed and stood from his knees. He returning it to his pocket and wandered slowly out of Jillian's garden. He walked around the corner of her house and saw a black carriage with black curtains roll slowly by her townhouse. He kept walking, keeping an eye on it the entire time, concern growing within his stomach. It rolled to a stop. The curtain opened slightly, and someone peeked out from behind it, looking up toward Jillian's bedroom window. Devin narrowed his eyes on who it could be, slowing his pace to a stop. The carriage started again and continued on slowly. Devin turned around at the next road and started to jog back in the direction of Jillian's house. He jumped behind the bushes and climbed up to the front door, trying to remain hidden in the recess of the door. He rang the door bell and pounded with his fists. He glanced behind him to see that the carriage had almost returned. Devin rang the door bell again and pounded one more time, and in mid pound, Barty opened the door and scowled at him.
"Miss Johnsworth does not wish to see you, Mr. Dashing," he said, trying to shut the door on him.
Devin shoved his foot in before it closed. "Barty, there is someone rounding the corner coming back this direction. Please believe me when I say that I think someone intends to do Miss Johnsworth harm."
Barty stepped aside and let Devin in without another question.
Devin stood against the wall in the parlor looking out the window, trying to remain obscured by the lace curtains.
Barty turned away from him and went upstairs, leaving Devin there. A few minutes passed and the carriage was still parked; the mystery person peering out to Jillian's room, now with a slender telescoped object.
Jillian came down the stairs and stared at him. "What are you doing in my parlor, Mr. Dashing? Barty said there was someone watching my house?”
"Yes, please do not get near the window. They seem to be looking toward your bedroom. I do not know what they have. "
Jillian scoffed. "And they do not know what I have, Mr Dashing." She strode to the mantle piece and pulled down the giant blunderbuss. It was nearly as tall as she was.
Devin's eyes widened. "Is that thing real?"
She pulled the bolt out to the side and back and it slid into place and it sprung to life. With one click, the metal wire that encircled it glowed blue and white, humming angrily. Jillian walked leisurely to the door and opened it, seeing the black carriage sitting directly in front of her house.
"Jillian! Do come away from there!" Devin yelled, jumping over a table to get to her. She placed the stock of the gun over her shoulder. Devin watched as it curved and melded exactly to the contour of her arm. With no panic in her motions, she closed one eye and looked down the barrel of the gun, aiming for the carriage. The curtain opened again and Devin saw an ordinary muzzle sticking out aimed at her. As he jumped toward her to pull her out of harm's way, she braced her left foot in front of her and pulled the trigger. A burst of electricity shot out the end of the gun and hit the side of the carriage, knocking it almost completely over. Completely unfazed, Jillian pulled back the bolt on the side and cocked it again, ready for another shot. The horses began to buck and the passengers screamed as the coach went running down the street away from her house with the back end on fire. As if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, she went to the door and leaned out, making sure no one had seen or heard. She closed the door and returned the blunderbuss to the mantle.
Devin stood in the middle of the foyer, his hands held out bracing himself against the wall, mouth hanging open to what he just witnessed.
"Mr. Dashing, since you are here, would you like a cup of tea?"

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