Hope Springs Eternal.  

Posted by Elysabeth Williams

Okay, misleading title.

Spring hopes are eternal. Or at least static... or, at the very least fleeting.

It's frickin' cold and I'm hoping for Spring. Is that better?

I'm waiting on some answers from a few publishers regarding my first work, Making Time. The wait is aging me by years. As soon as the answers roll in, I'm sure to be ancient.

Other than that,  I have three writing projects to do in the next few weeks. One is a personal introduction on isca media's site and then two more music reviews for Hybrid Magazine.

And if you notice to the right, I have added Tidbits; more about me, your local Wench, and two blurbs.
Oh, and that chick staring at you in the Facebook page wants you to add yourself as a fan. ;)

Keep refreshing. Something might pop up.

I hope everyone is safe, warm, and dry.

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