Excerpt of DEVIL IN A RED KILT  


Evan flipped his long hair in front of his face to guard from the glare that was directly in his eyes. In doing so, he caught the figure of a woman standing on the battlements and turned his head slightly to look. His breath caught in his chest and he felt all the hairs on his body stand on end with electricity as he slowed his pace almost to a standstill. Time seemed to stop. 

Evan squinted, his face drawing into a scowl at the vision in attempt to try harder to see her. He cupped his hand over his eyes to block the sunlight as much as he could. “This cannae be real,” he whispered. “Evie?”

The sunlight illuminated her, casting a heavenly glow about her figure. Her now back length brown hair flowed around her body from the wind with a mind of its own. Her woolen tartan she held tightly about her shoulders whipped against her slight frame. His hand shook as he dropped it to his side. He was certain it was Evie.Watching her, he felt his heart drop somewhere in his stomach. Evan heard a low whistle, snapping him out of his daze. He was holding up the line of MacDonalds behind him. They too gazed at the unearthly vision of Evie on the battlements, and a chuckle
emitted from someone. A couple of them ribbed each other and made cheeky comments about her. A surge of possessiveness washed over him and he turned to growl his disapproval. He glanced back in her direction just as she seemed to shiver, close her tartan about her shoulders, and turned to walk away. Evan all but ran toward the castle that held the woman he so desired, leaving the men to catch up.

copyright 2010